In this Kibo Code Quantum review we are going to provide the most comprehensive look at the highly anticipated  release of what could be the best turn key ecommerce system for 2021

Later on, in the review, I will reveal how you can access even more information that demonstrates just how powerful this strategy can be.

Over the course of the review we will provide you with a in depth understanding of benefits and features that makes this unique system such a revolutionary way to build a online business for 2021 and beyond.

We will explain the famous Japanese brick and mortar store business model used to generate billions of dollars  every year that was adapted by two highly successful 7-figure eCommerce internet entrepreneurs. 

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Kibo Code Quantum Review

According to Statista, last year, it was estimated that 14.1% of global retail sales were online, generating a total of $3.5 trillion.

And the best part, online sales are projected to reach 22% of retail sales in the next four years, all from online shopping channels.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2023(in billion U.S. dollars)


My favorite thing about e-commerce is that anyone can start their own successful online business.

On top of the great profit opportunities that await those who throw in their hat into the online domain, there are numerous other benefits.

Here are just some of the benefits of owning your own eCommerce business:

✓ A true “lifestyle” business. E-commerce can be from anywhere at any time.

✓ Something fun, rewarding, and enjoyable…

✓ Something that you can run in your own time, from home – with no boss telling you what to do…

✓ And most importantly makes enough money for you to do what you want, whenever you want – FOREVER.

I know this is true because I have been involved in online commerce for several years. Since about 2009, my wife and I have generated some fantastic profits on both eBay and Amazon.

In recent years we have not been as active with our Amazon or eBay stores because of some of the challenges of these and other online platforms and methods

Amazon sales have gone down dramatically because of some of the headaches with this platform and method. Our average profit margin is around 23%.

Our sales have decreased by 64% since we have stopped focusing on our e-commerce platforms because of some of the headaches and time demanded when using these platforms.

Do get me wrong! these platforms can still make you money, but as you will learn, they can be challenging to manage and don’t enable you to take full advantage of the online marketplace.

That is why I am excited about The Kibo Code. The program and methods utilized in this system are different in many ways and have all the ingredients to unlock online generated profits for everyone.

What is the Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo Code Quantum is an eight-week online training program that guides you through building a cutting edge E-Commerce business. This system leverages a unique business model of a proven high-profit brick and mortar store in Japan. The provided training and include resources can have you up and running in no time. There are seven modules inside Kibo Code Quantum covering all aspects of this unique system, including secret free traffic strategies. 

A Japanese store utilizing the Kibo principles

These Japanese stores fill their shelves with loads of products, then see what sells. They put the best selling products in the most visible places to their customers and remove what does not sell.

They continue to add new products, remove, replace and optimize others until they have a store full of high converting profitable products.

I will detail how this 4 step method works inside the Kibo Code system a little further down in this review.

The Experts Behind the Kibo Code

From 2018 thru 2019, the founders of The Kibo Code used these simple principles to make an absolute fortune online while keeping it under wraps until  last year when they opened up their training for a limited time last year.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are highly successful internet marketers who have developed several online marketing products that have generated millions of dollars.

Steve Clayton is a former vice-president of a Fortune 500 firm. Aidan Booth runs more than 1500 websites with a proven track record for driving sales through innovative brand promotion techniques.

Together, they put a system that generated $76,993 in just 24 hours and over $1 million in a single month.

The Simple 5 Step Process

As I mentioned earlier, The Kibo Code is based on four simple steps successfully used in a Japanese brick and mortar store that generates billions of dollars a year.

These five steps are built around a central idea. Maybe you have heard in the past the saying that the “riches are in the niches.” Here is why that is a misguided and limiting idea concerning eCommerce.

Think about this; there are over a billion people searching the internet for every and anything you can imagine!

So why would you limit yourself to selling a few items in one niche?

Instead, you should be selling hundreds of top-selling products from dozens of niches. It is this central idea that the Kibo Code and the four steps are built.

How Does The Kibo Code 5 Step Cycle Work?

So let’s get into the 5 step cycle.

The Kibo Code 5 Step Cycle


–Buy a high-quality generic domain name. This has been made easy with a provided tool that helps you find good ones.

–Set up a simple store with a preloaded high-converting theme. During the development of the Kibo Code, they have tested and tweaked 50 themes, optimizing them down to the highest converting ones. 

All you have to do is click a button. This will take 60 seconds with this system.

–Install Custom Made Apps that increase conversions.


Next, you would identify a core selection of winning products to load into your webstore ready to sell and make money.

–Pinpoint profitable products using the in-house database tool, which contains 3 million products from a selection of trusted suppliers.

-Load up the website with these product listings. This is accomplished so fast is because the “listings” are already pre-created for you, so it is merely the case of loading them into your site. You will be able to select from about 3 Million items; remember, the focus is on the profitability of the products, not the niche


-Paid traffic, or free traffic or both

– Send instant traffic to the product listings. This is done using cheap, underrated, and vastly untapped methods. You will not need to create an ad; it is done for you with a button click.

This is extremely targeted high converting traffic


–When you make sales, OTHER USA-based suppliers drop-ship the products to the customer directly. A person orders a product from your store

• You get paid upfront

• You buy the product from the supplier

• The supplier ships the product straight to the customer.

You never touch ANY inventory or buy anything upfront, and the products get delivered FAST.

You will only use suppliers located in the country where we are selling products.

So when  you are selling products in the USA, you only use USA-based suppliers; the product reaches the customer fast. This makes for a happy customer!

Then optimize, keeping the profitable products, eliminating the ones that aren’t, keep on scaling up, replicating the process over and over to identify additional winning products, all while simultaneously increasing profits


In step 5, the aim is to rinse and repeat 

- and to go from…. $1000/week to $5000/week to $10,000/week and beyond

Then finding NEW winning products to expand your store and increase your revenue.

This is extremely targeted high converting traffic

That is it in a nutshell, of course, there are some additional items, the rest of which you will learn in the 8-week training course.

You can have the whole system set up in 48 hours!

New for 2021 the Kibo Code Quantum has a updated the sales platform that includes revolutionary new sales software.

Last time people had to (use and pay for) Shopify. With the Quantum update you will no longer need Shopify.

check out the screenshot of the new platform...

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The Kibo Code Quantum training starts this Friday so the registration period must CLOSE PERMANENTLY at Midnight tomorrow tonight. This will be your FINAL chance to join the other new members

FOUR final training and Q&A workshop sessions Thurday

How much can I make with the Kibo Code program?

As I mentioned before in the expert’s sections above in The Kibo Code Review, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth could generate over $1 million in a single month using this method.

So what can you expect to make with the program?

During the system’s testing and tweaking, the founders have been quietly teaching this method to a select group of “beta-tester” students. The results so far are quite phenomenal.

Okay, I have to get this out of the way. If you are going to have success in anything, you will have to take action.

To get started with the Kibo Code, you can quickly achieve success with just 5-10 hours of your time a week.

So let’s throw some numbers around. If you only sold one product per month@ at 70 dollars per sale and made just 12 sales a day, that would be $840 a day. The average profit margin experienced with the program is around 50%, which would net you $420 of income per day.

Keep in mind this is just one product; the goal here is to keep introducing new items to build up a store packed with high converting products.

Here are some of the best results,  not everyone single student was able hit numbers quite like this. However, as I’m sure you’ll agree, the results from this group are absolutely amazing. 

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You missed out!

The Kibo Code Quantum training starts this Friday so the registration period must CLOSE PERMANENTLY at Midnight tomorrow tonight. This will be your FINAL chance to join the other new members

FOUR final training and Q&A workshop sessions Thurday

Check out some of these RECENT RESULTS from other successful students…

It's pretty clear to see that this way of making money online really works, but only IF you take action and put the effort in.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

The pro of the Kibo Code has a lot to do with what you won’t have to deal with. As I mentioned before, Amazon and eBay can be good platforms for eCommerce.

You could also set up your eCommerce site using something like Shopify, but these approaches require a significant effort to market, deal with customers, require technical expertise, etc.

In other words, the Pros are what you DON’T need:

You don’t need a product of your own. This is not only very time consuming but also very risky. It takes a lot of research and initial capital to find and bring a product to market—all with no guarantee of success. You will not need to purchase upfront of warehouse any inventory.

You don’t need a Facebook ad account or other social media accounts. Running ads on Facebook do not generate the type of traffic you as an online retailer should seek. This traffic is not targeted enough to bring you “ready to buy leads.” The Kibo Code training will teach you how to leverage underrated and vastly untapped methods.

You don’t need an Amazon seller account. Anyone who has ever sold something on Amazon or eBay knows the problems often experienced with customers, other sellers, and even Amazon. If you have never used these platforms, make sure you do a little research before jumping in; as I said before, these platforms do work and can be profitable but have some issues that make them less enjoyable to work with, eliminating the Kibo Code.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or web design skills. The Kibo Code program has removed this barrier altogether. Providing a one-click solution to set up and maintain your eCommerce store.

The Cons

One item that I would say is a con concerning the Kibo Code would b the reliance that you have t to provide technical support after setting up and for the provision or product suppliers.

This is a question that you would be able to address before you begin training.

Another thing to think about is traffic. Now the course mentions that they have untapped secret sources to drive traffic. This is great, but you should not just rely on this, but think about how to develop your own traffic sources.

New for 2021 the Kibo Code Quantum will also focus on rounding out traffic sources that include free traffic sources and strategies.

Benefits that set The Kibo Code System apart from other ecommerce business models.


 As you know, traffic is the life-blood of any online business and unless you are able to generate targeted traffic you won’t make any money.

The Kibo Code use untapped sources of high-targeted buyer traffic (both free and paid sources) where you can place the products you are selling directly in front of people who are online, looking to buy them right at that moment


If you run (or have tried to run) an eCommerce business that sources products from China or other overseas countries, you’ll know first-hand that dealing with people over there can sometimes be difficult.

One simple communication breakdown can result in thousands of dollars down the drain and a lost business

We don’t do that here. We only source products from US suppliers and to begin with we only sell these products to US based people. (And you can do this no matter where you live in the world).


This goes back to what we were talking about a moment ago. The big advantage with this model is that we don’t deal with inventory.

 In every other eCommerce business model you need to buy inventory upfront – and sometimes a lot of it!

With this method you don’t need to buy anything upfront which eliminates the risk of losing money on unsold inventory.

If a product does not sell, we simply dump it and try another product. No wasted money


Since there are no lead times and you can test products to see if they sell within super-short time periods of 48 hours or less, you are able to fill your store with top-converting, profitable products extremely fast.

And because you don’t need to wait for inventory to be created, sent and processed, this is the fastest online business model we’ve ever used and the quickest way to get cash in the bank.


You can continue to work your day-job and stick to your current daily routine if you want to.

And if you already have an online business, no matter what it is… or even if you are running with another method of ecommerce currently, you can simply run this alongside it simultaneously.

What do you get with your purchase of The Kibo Code?

When you purchase The Kibo Code, you will receive the 8-week training, software, proven storefront and product pages, product databases and identification tools, a control center, coaching, support, community, plus a whole lot more to make this as easy as humanly possible.


Confidential Training Revealing Every Step of the System

The first component of Kibo Code QUANTUM is the "Academy" which contains the core 8 week training program that’ll show you how to build your new eCommerce empire in record time.

The actual value of what you will receive here is huge and we could spend hours going through everything that’s included.


Mission Control For Your Entire Operation

The LaunchPad is your one-stop ‘operations hub’ that'll allow you to build, manage and scale your business with machine-like precision.

We’re going to be giving you exclusive access to the infrastructure we’ve built over the past 12 months to accelerate your business and the speed in which it starts making money. .


Go From Start To Selling Fast With Done For You Webstores

This is your DONE-FOR-YOU SuperStore, loaded up with 10 products that’ll allow you to go from START to SELLING in record time.

It will help you to draw in sales, establish yourself as a market leader and generate consistent buyers and income.

KIBO Profit Vault

Find Profitable Opportunities From a Database of 2 Million Products

As we mentioned, in the SuperStore component of the training, we’re going to hand you a series of 10 "Done-For-You" products you can set up and sell immediately.

However, not only are we going to give you your first set of products, we’re also going to show you how to mine for gold and identify ADDITIONAL best-sellers from our repository of over 2 million products.


Secret Blueprints For Capturing Targeted Traffic And Sales For Free

This section of Kibo Code QUANTUM is focused on one thing... GETTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

Usually getting targeted traffic can be tricky but we’re going to hand you our fool-proof plan that’ll allow you to reel in unlimited amounts of customers without any of the headaches that you've experienced before. .


Custom Software That will Save Time, Money, and Skyrocket Sales

A key focus of Kibo Code QUANTUM is to make the system as hands-free for you as possible and one of the ways you’re going to achieve this is with the PowerLabs - an additional suite of “smart” software tools included within the Kibo LaunchPad.

These tools have been specifically designed to handle all the time-consuming and complex parts of the process and will allow you to shortcut your path to success, save you time and make you money faster.


Private Members Community and 24/7 Support Hub

As students who have taken our past training courses will attest to, we believe our support system is categorically the best in the business because we provide unending help to everyone who joins.

This time around will be no exception.

The Kibo Alliance is an exclusive support system where you'll get assistance and help from our dedicated team, along with fellow Kibo members..

My Recommendation for the Kibo Code

I recommend the Kibo Code for anyone looking to generate income through eCommerce.

My recommendation is due in part to Kibo Code creators Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s excellent reputation as they have provided great value in the past with their previous programs.

 I don’t believe you will be disappointed with the Kibo Code.

Where are the Bonuses Guy?

3 Exclusive Bonuses

How do I get started?

To be successful with it will require you to TAKE ACTION - because unless you take action, nothing is going to happen for you.

There is Still Time...

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There is ZERO risk for you.

You only have one opportunity to make your decision and if you tell us within the next 30 days that you are not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of this revolutionary system, we'll swiftly refund every penny of your small investment - no questions asked.

To put it bluntly, we are willing to shoulder all the risk while you FREELY test-drive the system and make non-stop sales. Simply put, this can be SO fast and SO easy to set up and get started with, that you will KNOW whether this will be working for you within 30 days. It's pretty much that simple.

Choose an option below and get started now...

I hope that The Kibo Code Review above was informative and answered all of your questions.

Be sure to return to for the updated and future reviews of programs and systems that can help you create wealth and financial freedom.

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